Thursday, July 30, 2009

#12 Claudia and the New Girl

There's really no need for me to write a poem for this one when Dawn already did such a good job of it:

Traitor, traitor.
Claudia - we hate 'er!
Traitor, Traitor.
So long, see you later!
Good-bye, Claudia.


Claudia is spending an awful lot of time with Ashley Wyeth, the new girl in school. Ashley's a dedicated artist, and Claudia feels that she's finally found someone who understands that side of her. Pretty soon, Claudia starts spending all her time with Ashley. She misses BSC meetings, ignores her other friends, and even lies to Stacey once about why she has to miss a shopping trip. That's where all the traitor stuff comes in; I don't think it was the fact that Claudia made a new friend that upset them. It was the fact that Ashley (who had no interest in anyone but Claudia) was taking over her life. Claudia eventually realizes that she doesn't want to focus only on art and Ashley, and all is once again right in BSC-land. :)

Thoughts and Things

  • Ashley dresses like a hippie, which everyone thinks is weird. Just wait until the early 90's,'ll be wearing some of the same stuff.
  • This book always used to make me want to do something artistic, even though I'm not exactly a Claudia when it comes to stuff like that.
  • Is that Archie on the cover? He looks too young to be Shea or Jackie. Oh, and yay for Claudia looking somewhat Japanese. She doesn't always on the earlier covers.
  • I loved when the club raided Claudia's junk food...and now I'm hungry. :)
  • Claudia's English class is reading From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and A Wrinkle in Time. I wish my English classes had read fun stuff like that!


  1. Claudia acted like a jerk, she ditched BSC meetings just to go on stupid artisit things I mean really who notices creative things on fire hydrants.... Ashley!!!!!! (The weirdo) :P

  2. I think it’s perfectly acceptable that Claudia would be interested in someone new who had a similar interest in art (since none of the others in the club have a passion for it). I also think it would be believable that she would miss meetings to be with this friend. Claudia is also the least baby-ish she’s been yet in a book she’s narrated. For someone they keep describing as sophisticated she’s such a brat. Stacey I will say is the most sophisticated. I feel like we’re in the mind of a girl much older than 13 when she narrates. She's also hardly ever reduced to childish antics like the other girls.