Tuesday, July 21, 2009

#8 Boy-Crazy Stacey

Oh, how I love the Sea City books! This one isn't my favorite, and it hasn't held up quite as well over time as some others in the series, but it still brings back good memories. :)


Stacey and Mary Anne are going to Sea City with the Pikes as mother's helpers, and it takes Stacey less than a day to spot the "guy of her dreams" (her words, not mine). The guy of her dreams is apparently 35 and a romance novel cover model, if we go by the picture on the front of this book. She officially meets him the next day, and finds out that his name is Scott, he's 18, and he likes to send underage girls out to run errands for him. Stacey starts spending all of her beach time chasing after Scott and fetching things for him, which doesn't make Mary Anne very happy. I'm on team Mary Anne this time: Stacey's getting paid, and Stacey should be working. Scott keeps leading Stacey on, though, and Stacey keeps following. When she and Mary Anne are given a night off, Stacey decides to buy him a present. She spends ten bucks on a heart-shaped box of candy (that's pretty pricey for a 13 year old baby sitter in 1987), and promptly sees Scott kissing another girl. She's crushed, but gets over it pretty quickly after meeting Toby. Toby is the cousin of Alex, a guy mother's helper who'd been helping Mary Anne pick up Stacey's slack all week. The four of them go out on a double date, Stacey gets her first kiss in the Tunnel of Luv, and is head over heels again. Toby is her new Prince Charming....at least, he is until she meets Pierre at the ski lodge!

Thoughts and Things
  • I really, really like the Stacey-Mary Anne bonding.
  • When Kristy is sitting for Karen and Andrew, the little kids wash one of Watson's cars with steel wool. She gets blamed for it, even though she was dealing with an emergency and couldn't give them 100% of her attention. I never though that was fair.
  • I wonder if Mary Anne kissed Alex in the Tunnel of Luv? It's never mentioned, and it never specifically says that Logan was her first kiss. Hmmm....
  • This book is where the Nicky vs. the triplets stuff really starts, and where Byron is first made out to be the "sensitive" one. Those things remained pretty constant throughout the series.
  • Smithtown is totally something I'd be into; I wish we'd actually gotten to see it in one of the Sea City books. I guess I'm just a nerd about stuff like that. :)


  1. Gotta say again I love this here blog ;) I know that we Portuguese Catholic folks have huge christenings for babies with favors and everything. I can't speak for others. And as someone with curly hair yes it's not a good look when it's short!

  2. I also meant to post this under Claudia and Mean Janine- OOPS!!!

  3. I never thought anything happened between Alex and Mary Anne-if it did, she probably wouldn't have gotten so uptight when she initially met Logan.

  4. after reading this book, i alawys think of byron as the nice one. Iloved how he agreed to be vanessa's husband in mary anne + too many babies... he's my favorite because of this book and i always felt bad for him because Adam and Jordan made him look like a baby.

  5. HungerGames20-
    i totally thoguht the same thing! :)

  6. I LOVED this book. I remember reading it and listening to Stacey Q songs (oh and my name is Stacy as well) over and over again as I read. (The two songs I listened to over and over again, if anyone is interested - Two of Hearts and Better Than Heaven.)

    I was so envious of Stacey (and Mary Anne) and wanted my own beach romance.

    Also, to this day, I still remember the Albuquerque joke.

  7. Ugh, okay, so I think Mary-Anne used to be my favorite as a kid. Her and Dawn. But now going through as an adult I’m loving Stacey more and I enjoy reading her books the best (and disliking Dawn more and more). Stacey’s books just seem the most natural to me. Don’t know why. Perhaps because Martin writes her as more sophisticated than the others? Also it could be because both of her books so far have gotten us out of Stoneybrook as well (Stacey went back to NYC for a bit in The Truth About Stacey and then she, Mary Anne and the Pike kids go to Sea City in this one). Also who takes 2 weeks’ vacation? I get the kids are out of school but most people (the adults) only take one week at a time. Which is plenty for the beach.

  8. Is it me or does Stacey look the same age as the girl she is holding in her arms in the cover? I mean, seriously, Stacey is 12, almost 13 and she is supposedly very sophisticated and mature but on the cover she looks like a freakin SIX year old! KAREN looks older than her. And by the way, why do they change the club members' looks but they never changed Karen, Andrew, Hannie, and everyone else's looks? They all look the same except for some of the kids the girls babysit and the girls themselves like wtf??

    1. Actually she IS thirteen and YES SHE LOOKS EIGHT TO ME!!

  9. omg I loved this book as a little kid!!!!

  10. I know I'm commenting kinda late....you know what always confused me? The Kristy chapter, when the book says she tries calling the old neighborhood looking for Charlie,but he wasn't answering his phone. That sounds like Charlie has a cell phone.....but isn't this book before cell phones?