Saturday, August 1, 2009

#13 Good-bye Stacey, Good-bye

Stacey is moving
Back to New York, at least for
The next fifteen books.


The Mc Gills have some big news for Stacey: Ed's being transferred back to New York. and they're moving in about a month. Stacey's excited to get back to the city, but sad that she won't get to graduate from SMS with her friends. Actually, Stacey, you will. Just give it 12 or 13 years and about 150 more books!

Stacey calls Laine Cummings in New York to share the news (this was before Laine turned into a raging snob). Laine is thrilled that Stacey's coming back, but isn't sure that the rest of their old crowd will be. With that happy thought, Stacey then calls Claudia. There's crying, and Stacey ends up over at the Kishis so she and Claudia can talk things out. Claudia is really devastated; so much so that it surprises Stacey. That's when Claudia makes her confession: Stacey is the only best friend she's ever had. In true 13 year old fashion, they plot to keep Stacey in Stoneybrook through the end of the school year, but no dice.

In order to get rid of some of the junk that the Mc Gills have accumulated, Stacey volunteers to run a yeard sale with ther friends. Mrs. Mc Gill is thrilled to get the stuff out of the way with minimal effort on her part, and tells the girls that they can keep whatever money they earn. Thus, two birds are killed with one yard sale stone: the Mc Gills end up with less stuff to move, and the BSC members have a way to pay for Stacey's going-away party. The party itself is a surprise, and the guests consist of the BSC members and a boatload of the kids they sit for. They make a mural of Stoneybrook so Stacey won't forget them when she's in the city. Cute. :)

Stacey's departure leaves a hole in the club. They're busy enough that they need another sitter to take her place, and they decide to give Mallory Pike a try. The girls figure that Mal could be a sort of junior sitter, who took on afternoon jobs only. They even want to find another junior sitter, but arent' sure where to look. Ooh, ooh, I know! How about Stacey's old house???

Thoughts and Things

  • Am I the only one who doesn't think it's weird that Claudia's only had one best friend? I dont' actually know anyone who essentially had a new one every school year like Stacey.
  • Claudia looks good on the cover. She also looks about 19 years old. I think this is one of the first times that one of the girls look WAY older than 13 on the cover, at least until the new designs came out and the first coupel of books got completely new art.
  • I wonder where STtcey put the drippy, painted bedsheet/farewell banner. We never hear about it again. Somehow, I can't see Stacey hanging it up on the well of her swanky New York apartment.
  • Speaking of, Ed Mc Gill must make some serious money to afford a big New York City apartment without a second income from Maureen. I'm sure the city was cheaper back then than it is now, but still.
  • Lots of Jeff Schafer drama in this one. His move back to California was actually foreshadowed really well.
  • Howie Johnson is a jerk, according to Stacey and Claudia. I think he's kind of a non-entity.


  1. I only had one best friend, pretty much my whole life. We grew up in a town similar to Stoneybrook...kind of, in that it was a smallish town, but we didn't have a giant mall, a university, three middle schools, and all of that stuff. Anyway...where was I going with this?

    Not only does Ed McGill afford the big place in New York, he also supports Maureen's allegedly large shopping habit.

  2. Stacey's books are always good. But, I’d be pissed if they were being released in order now and I didn’t know if she was coming back or she was gone for good. She’s my favorite.

  3. Replies
    1. Sure, but now hey! I'm in 2017 and idk about you, but I've seen that there are about 150 books in this series and they are sorta going downhill. The next few ones are OK I guess, but the first ones up to this are GREAT!!! Also, I have had a best friend since birth, and added one in kindergarten, and then added one more in like 4th grade, and we've all four been BFFs for life!