Tuesday, July 28, 2009

#10 Logan Likes Mary Anne!

There are an awful lot of BSC blogs out there. They're great; I'm a regular reader of quite a few of them. I've decided, though, that I need to do something to make mine a little different. So, from now on, I'll be including a little BSC haiku as a part of each post. Some might be good, most will probably be bad, but I'm hoping that you guys get a little entertainment value out of them. :) Here's the first one:

Look at the cover.
Mary Anne is in love with
Logan. Jackie, too.
Wait...that makes it sound like Mary Anne is in love with Jackie. Oh, well. :D


The BSC is starting 8th grade...for the first of many times. Mary Anne marks the momentous occasion by getting a bra and falling for Logan, who's just moved to Stoneybrook. She isn't the only one; the other sitters seem to have the hots for him, too. I wonder what would have happened if another BSC member decided she wanted him? Probably the same thing that happened when Claudia and Stacey fought over Jeremy in the Friends Forever series. Anyway, the girls are little overwhelmed by the amount of new clients who are calling for sitters. They'd advertised in Kristy's neighborhood as well as at a PTA meeting, and they're in over their heads. They discuss the problem at lunch one day, and who volunteers his services? Logan, the Dreamboat of SMS. They invite him to a meeting, but it's awkward from the start. Claudia tells a story about a bra strap which embarrasses everyone, and Logan starts to tell a story about toilet training, but can't finish it. I'm still not sure what he was about to say before he realized that he couldn't in front of girls. When the Rodowskys call wanting a sitter (this is their first appearance in the series), Kristy wants Logan to go on the job with one of the sitters. Mary Anne oh-so-coincidentally happens to be the only one free. The job goes pretty well (Mary Anne actually manages to talk to Logan instead of being completely tongue-tied), but at the next meeting, the girls agree that it would be really uncomfortable to have Logan at every meeting. They give Mary Anne the job of calling Logan to tell him that. She calls from home after the meeting, and Logan invites her to the Remember September Dance. Mary Anne's dad actually gives her permission to go, and even gives her his credit card to buy a new outfit. The whole club helps, and the famous cities skirt is purchased. I know I'm not the only one who wanted one of those back in the day! At the dance itself, Mary Anne actually manages to have a good time until her shoe flies off and nearly hits the vice principal in the head. She's mortified, and goes stomping off to the bleachers until the dance is over. I can't believe Logan was willing to put up with her after that; most 13 year old boys would be running the other way. I guess Logan is Super Boyfriend or something, because the relationship continues. Stacey pushes Mary Anne to invite him to a party she's having, which is going to involve a surprise cake in honor of Mary Anne's birthday (hence the necessity of her attendance). When the cake is brought out and Mary Anne finds herself the center of attention, she bolts. She waits at home for someone to come by and apologize to her for putting her on the spot like that, but it doesn't happen. The next day, Mary Anne asks her dad for a cat. He agrees, and she calls Logan to ask him to come to the shelter with her later that day. They talk about the party, everything is hunky dory, Logan meets them at the shelter, and Mary Anne adopts the other love of her life, Tigger. A few days later, the BSC is meeting when a job comes in that none of them can take. It's for a family with four boys, and the girls know that Logan would be perfect for the job. They don't want to give the job to a non-club member, so Mary Anne comes up with the whole associate member idea. It's nice to see someone other than Kristy have a good idea! Logan accepts, and all is right with the world. :)

Thoughts and Things

  • I can't believe Mary Anne thought that her friends owed her an apology for the surprise cake at the party. She's the one who ran away, which probably put a damper on the whole shebang. Good grief!
  • Are bra straps still embarrassing to 13 year olds? I'm guessing not...I've overheard some far more, um, adult conversations between kids that age. Times change, I guess.
  • Pete Black is dating Dorianne Wallingford in this book (that's where the bra strap story came from). He gets around; he dated Stacey, goes to a dance with Dawn, had a thing for Laine Cummings when she visited Stoneybrook, and asks Mary Anne out after she breaks up with Logan in Friends Forever.
  • The SMS students aren't supposed to use tape to put things up in their lockers; they use gum instead. Wouldn't gum be a lot harder to remove?
  • When I picture Cam Geary these days, I picture Zac Efron.


  1. This is my #1 favorite BSC book! I STILL want the famous cities skirt.

    Excellent Haiku.

  2. Who DIDN'T date Pete Black. Boy gets AROUND!

    I did not know that about MA and Pete in FF. Did she say yes? (I remember them working on that school proj when Cokie had her eyes on what was in Logan's mom jeans.)

  3. No, she had just broken up with Logan and didn't want to date anyone else at the time.

  4. The haiku made me laugh out loud. Jackie could not look any more adoringly at Logan. And the famous cities skirt is one of the most memorable things from the whole series.

    Richard gets a bad rap, but really, by the fourth book he's really changed. I think he's a pretty great father.

    I also want more fanfic about Pete Black!

  5. I love Pete Black...I've played him at a couple of RPGs and he has sooo much canon it's hard to keep up! I believe he also went to a dance with Claudia...she and Stacey kind of went back and forth between Pete and Austin if I remember correctly.

  6. I totally think of Zac Efron as Cam Geary, too!

  7. dude, zac efron is so freaking cute. i totally want him to be mines.

    no, pete and mary anne never went out because in book 3 of the friends forever series, pete tries to ask mary anne out again when mary anne dumps logan for good, but mary anne says no because she doesn't want to date right now.(that girl will never be ready to date again).

    but i do see chemistry between her and cary retlin more in the later series.

    this is my favorite mary anne book simply because there was hardly any babysitting involved in this book, and it focuses on much more important things too.

  8. this is another one of my favorite mary anne books. man was logan so sweet in this book and its sad when the rest of the series he acts like such a complete and total jerk most of the time.

    loved mary anne's famous city skirt thing as well as the surprise party scene.

    this book totally rocks and im glad you did a post on this book.

  9. I think that Logan and MA are the perfect match they are so adorable together (yeah I know its a book but they are so CUTE!!!)

  10. Sweet book, and I thought it did a good job creating a new romance between young teenagers, although Logan seemed to put up with a bunch of crap from Mary Anne that I don’t think a real teenage boy would put up with for so long.