Friday, July 17, 2009

#6 Kristy's Big Day

(How did I not notice until just now that I'd used the wrong title on this post? Bad, bad blogger!)


It's the end of the school year, and Kristy is looking forward to her last summer on Bradford Court before moving to Watson's. That all changes when her mother is forced to move up her wedding from September to the end of June, which means they'll now be moving in July. In order to get everything ready in two and a half weeks, the Thomases and Brewers have family and friends coming in from out of town to help. They all have children, and the BSC volunteers to sit for them at Kristy's house so the adults can get busy at Watson's (wait...that doesn't sound right ;D ). I'm a fan of the group sitting excursions, and this is one of my favorites. The kids are cute, and the baby sitting adventures are fun to read about. The wedding goes well, with the exception of Mrs. Porter showing up right after the kiss and Karen screaming about witches and then biting Watson when he tries to shut her up. I don't hate Karen as much as some people, but even I thought that was a bit much. :)

Thoughts and Things

  • Kristy's house has a den and a rec room, but David Michael sleeps in a room that used to be some kind of closet, and Sam and Charlie share a room. Why couldn't the den or rec room have been converted into another bedroom?
  • Kristy's cousin Peter is randomly referred to as Pete for an entire chapter, but ONLY in that chapter.
  • It took Kristy and Karen 15 minutes at the florists to decide that their flowers should be yellow and white, in spite of the fact that their dresses are yellow. That kind of seems like a no-brainer to me.
  • Stacey has seen Mary Poppins 65 times. Wow.
  • Speaking of, when Nannie drops Stacey and her sitting group off at the theater to see Mary Poppins, she says she'll be back in two hours. Is she planning on waiting in the car for awhile? The movie is 139 minutes long, and they arrived well before it started. Also, one of the kids thinks she loses her admission money, and they apparently don't have enough to get her in unless they find it. Then, when they do go inside, all the kids have extra money for snacks. Couldn't they have just used some of the snack money to pay the admission?
  • There are only 14 chapters in this book instead of the usual 15.
  • I wish we'd seen more of Kristy's cousins during the series. I don't think they ever appear again, although they're mentioned.


  1. dude, this was my favorite kristy book growing up
    and it still is.
    yeah, i agree that i wish kristy's family was mentioned more often in the series. but that will never happen.

    i also remember this was the book that started the babysitters little sister series. i thought i point that out.

    great post by the way and continue to keep up a good work.

  2. this is one of my favorite kristy books too. this was back when kristy was much more likable and back when karen wasn't so horrible as will be in the later books as well as her own series.

  3. This book is probably one of my favorite BSC books!
    Also warning when you look up this book on Google a page comes up called the Snark Squad.That page is so mean and nasty, making fun of every single aspect in this book. Even if you DO look it up do not look at the comments because they made me cry how BSC hater they were. BSC 4eva!

  4. I usually love the group baby-sitting stories when they all work together like this one. This book had only 14 chapters but Mary Anne Saves the Day had 16. Otherwise they're all 15. Nannie makes her debut here too.