Friday, June 18, 2010

FF#9 Kristy and the Kidnapper


Kristy and Abby are part of the new SMS debate team, and they're heading to Washington D.C. for a competition. As soon as they make it to their hotel, Kristy spots someone she knows in the lobby. It's Terry Hoyt...or, at least she thinks it is. Kristy is mystified when he's introduced by one of his friends as David Hawthorne, but this David guy claims never to have HEARD of Stoneybrook, let alone lived there. Later that night, Kristy is sure he's avoiding her. He can't avoid her for long, though; they're put on the same three person debate team.

Kristy, David, and Kai (the other person assigned to their group) actually make a pretty good team. They even win their first debate. There's a dance that night for all the students participating in the debate tournament, but Kristy, Kai, and David all leave early and decide to practice some more. Kristy is just leaving her room to head down to their meeting place in the lobby when she runs into David. He'd relaxed around Kristy while they were preparing for the debate, but now, he's back to being less than friendly. Then, he whispers in her ear that he's being followed. At first, Kristy thinks it's just a kid from one of the other debate teams. Then, she looks back and sees an adult man in dark clothes behind them. When they get to the stairwell, David shoves Kristy into it and tells her to run. He's right behind her, but just as they get to the lobby, the man grabs David. Kristy rushes into the lobby and screams that David is being kidnapped. Security comes running, and the catch up to David and his kidnapper in the parking garage. As soon as the man sees the guards chasing him, he drops David and takes off. David is shaken, but okay.

Both David and Kristy are taken into an office to be questioned by police. Before the officers get there, he asks her not to mention that the kidnapper had said "Your father is going to pay" just as he caught David. Kristy is mystified as to why, so David finally has to come clean about his dad's secret agent work, and his own previous identity as Terry Hoyt. Kristy doesn't say anything about the kidnapper's comments to the cops. David's dad eventually arrives to talk to the two of them. They hadn't managed to catch the kidnapper, so both David and Kristy are going to be assigned Secret Service agents until he's caught.

Meanwhile, the debating is still going on. Kristy, Kai, and David win another round, in spite of the craziness that Kristy and David have been through. That same day, Mr. Hawthorne brings the two of them a bunch of pictures of criminals who could have been the kidnapper. They identify him; it's a guy named Lance Dibdin. David's dad had busted the ring of compuer hackers that Dibdin was a part of, but Dibdin stayed out of jail on a technicality.

Kristy, David, and Kai make it to the final round of debates. In fact, they're debating the team that Abby's on (Abby and Kristy had been super competitive the whole time, arguing over everything). The final debates are being held at the Lincoln Memorial. Just as Kristy and her team are finishing up, she spots someone in the crowd: it's Lance Dibdin. She screams and points at time (she's so scared that it's all she can do), but he continues to make his way toward David. Security (and Mr. Hawthorne), quickly take him down and arrest him. In spite of all the drama, Kristy and her team go on to win the debate finals.

Rating: 2.5

Thoughts and Things
  • This one approaches BSC Mystery levels of unrealisticness. I kept expecting Sgt. Johnson to pop out of nowhere and help with the investigation.
  • The camaraderie between Kristy, David, and Kai was really fun to read about. So was David's relationship with his dad!
  • I'm not surprised that Kristy and Abby are good at debate, but many middle schools actually HAVE debate teams? My high school didn't even have one, although they did offer a debate class. Which I took. And hated.
  • I just have to reiterate how perfect the girl they got to play Kristy on these covers is. Definitely the best match out of all the FF cover girls!


  1. For it to be really on the level of some of the mysteries, the kidnapper would have to have been someone featured in a BSC mystery who Kristy identifies with the help of the BSC mystery notebook.

  2. You're right about Kristy on the cover. She's definitely cute. I have a theory that Kristy is actually the prettiest BSCer. The Kristys (Kristies?) from the TV show and movie were crazy adorable also. Especially Schuyler Fisk from the movie.

  3. wow i missed this one somehow. and who tries to kidnap someone when they are around a lot of people?

  4. to nikki:
    i loved schuyler fisk in that movie, as well as bre blair who played stacey. the one who played cokie also looked good too.

    the tv kristy was definitely much prettier. I think Kristy is also the most prettiest out of all the bsc members.

    and omg, Terry hoyt aka David Hawthrowne is back in this book. I loved terry from mystery book 10: stacey and the mystery money, where they try to bust whoever is behind the counterfeit bill scheme. plus i loved the chemistry between him and stacey in that book. I wish she gone out with him more than she does the others. But that will never happen. *sniff*
    by the way im a Stacey/Terry fan all the way.

  5. Actually just literally finished reading this book 10 minutes ago. It was okay but not the best and I agree, the cover model totally looks like I imagined Kristy pre-photo covers. Great blog!