Sunday, June 13, 2010

FF#4 Claudia and the Friendship Feud


Claudia and Stacey are still fighting, so when a job at the Pikes comes up that only the two of them are available for, neither is thrilled with the idea. Stacey gets out of it by claiming she has a conflict, and suggests that they call Erica Blumberg instead. Rather than pitching a fit about a non-BSC member getting half of a BSC job, Kristy is actually into the idea. Claudia has a really good time working with Erica, and she begins to think that she may have found herself a brand new friend. She and Erica go to the mall together, and Claud drags her to all sorts of stores that Stacey used to like to visit. Erica's not really into that sort of thing, but she's a pretty good sport about it anyway. She's also a good sport when Claudia drags her shopping a second time, in downtown Stoneybrook. She finally hits her limit, though, when Claudia mistakenly calls her "Stace." Erica doesn't to be anyone's rebound friend, and she lets Claudia know.

Meanwhile, Claudia seems to be making another friend as well: Jeremy Rudolph, the boy she claims Stacey stole from her. They keep running into each other at school, and when Jeremy calls her one night, they end up talking for an hour. Jeremy really seems to want to be friends, but Claudia still wants more. When Stacey gets wind of what's going on, she pulls Claudia aside at school and orders her to stay away from Jeremy. Claudia nods as if she agrees, but she's really just shocked at Stacey's audacity.

The Pike kids are tired of the whole Stacey vs. Claudia fight (what a am I) so the orchestrate a sitting job with the two of them. They start talking, and though it looks like things are going well, the girls end up fighting again. Stacey really doesn't seem to understand why Claudia is still so upset. Claudia, on the other hand, realizes something important: she owes Erica a major apology. Erica doesn't need to be more like Stacey; Stacey needs to be more like Erica. After the sitting job, Claudia heads to Erica's house to apologize. Erica forgives her. It looks like things are getting interesting on the Jeremy front, too: at the end of the book, he transfers in to Claud's English class.

Rating: 2.5

Thoughts and Things
  • Lord, could Stacey be more horrible?
  • Claudia really needs to stop telling people that Stacey stole her boyfriend and that she dated Jeremy first. Neither is true! That being said...I'm still totally on Team Claudia.
  • Yay for someone having a non-BSC friendship that doesn't end when the book does.
  • The jewelry that Claudia and Erica were looking at during their mall trip sounds so 90's! I love it! :)


  1. I know technically Claud wasn't right either as you say but I was on team Claudia too. I know how it turned out, but I wish that this plot arc had ended with Jeremy leaving Stacey for Claudia and Stacey dissolving into insecurity. Claudia was so freaking awesome.

  2. to sadako:
    i agree that claudia rocked in this series. and it would of been nice that her and jeremy do go out in this series. but that doesn't happen because of the way he treats claudia during the whole series( she even has second thoughts of asking him out in book 7 of the series).

    Plus her and alan would of never hooken up so im actually ok with this one.

    by the way you guys forgot the molly and aunt peaches story. im surprised you didnt add or comment on that scene. especially when its so eerily similar to claudia and stacey's relationship/fight over jeremy rudolph.