Friday, June 11, 2010

FF#2 Stacey vs. Claudia


There's a new boy at SMS, and he's caught Stacey's eye. His name is Jeremy Rudolph, and he's just moved to Stoneybrook from Olympia, WA. Stacey and Claudia invite him to sit with the BSC at lunch, and he accepts. Jeremy is pretty cool, and it doesn't take long for Stacey to feel like she's known him for ages. When he leaves the lunch table, though, Mary Anne comments that he'd be perfect for Claudia. Claud is definitely not opposed to the idea; later that afternoon, when Stacey arrives for the BSC meeting, she finds Claudia alone in her room, sketching him from memory. Stacey encourages her to ask Jeremy out...but she's starting to wish she could do that herself. She's still technically dating Ethan, but they're having trouble finding time together, and eventually, Ethan suggests they cool things off.

One day, Claudia begs Stacey for her help with Jeremy. Claud is totally smitten at this point, and Stacey (who is also pretty smitten), realizes that she has to choose Claudia over Jeremy. So, she orchestrates a little plan to give the two of them some time alone. She invites Jeremy to the mall with her and Claudia, but claims to be sick at the last minute and cancels. The next day, Claudia calls Stacey and tells her all about the fabulous time she had with Jeremy...much to Stacey's disappointment. Later that same day, though, Jeremy stops by to check on Stacey. He admits that he doesn't like Claudia romantically, and that he'd like to go out with Stacey sometime. Stacey is stuck; she really wants to date Jeremy, but she wants to be a loyal friend to Claudia, too. She asks Jeremy for some time to think about it, and he agrees.

The next morning, Stacey still hasn't made a decision. She goes for a jog to try and clear her head, and runs into Rachel Griffin, a girl who's just moved back to Stoneybrook after being away for a few years. She's not exactly friends with the other members of the BSC, so Stacey talks to her about the Jeremy situation in the hopes that Rachel will have a more objective opinion. Rachel reasons that even though Claudia's feelings would be hurt if Stacey dated Jeremy, Jeremy isn't going to go out with Claudia no matter what. She also advises Stacey to talk to Claudia first. Needless to say, Claudia doesn't exactly take the news well. She's furious, because she feels like Stacey stole Jeremy from her. Stacey decides she doesn't care what Claudia is thinking or feeling about the situation anymore, and agrees to go out with Jeremy. They hang out in downtown Stoneybrook after school, and have a great time. The next day, though, Jeremy is really cold and distant with Stacey....after she's seen him talking to Claudia. As it turns out, Claudia was telling Jeremy about Ethan, and she made it seem like Stacey was still dating him. Stacey tries to explain the situation to Jeremy, but he's still unhappy about Stacey's lack of honesty. Later that day, Claudia and Stacey really have it out after the BSC meeting, and that friendshis is officially off, for the time being.

Eventually, Jeremy gets over Stacey's lack of forthrightness about Ethan, and they make plans to go out again. As Stacy is busy getting ready for the date, who should show up but Ethan! He thinks they're still together. Stacey gently tells him that things aren't working out, and that she's already seeing someone else. Ethan leaves, and Jeremy arrives for their date. Again, it's fun...and Stacey is plus one boyfriend, and minus one best friend.

Rating: 2

Thoughts and Things

  • Stacey was a total cow in this one. Everyone knows you don't go out with someone your friend currently likes, whether that friend has a chance with their crush or not. It just isn't done.
  • That being said, Claudia was a little off the mark. She kept accusing Stacey of stealing her boyfriend, and ruining her chances with Jeremy. Too bad Jeremy wasn't her boyfriend and she never really had a chance with him in the first place.
  • This books wasn't nearly as well written as the last one, but I still found myself identifying with what Claudia felt. It's hard to be logical in those situations.
  • I'm pushing 30, and I'm actually identifying with stuff that happens in these FF books. There's either something really wrong with me, or really right with the books. ;)


  1. So I've been reading this since you started writing, and don't think I've ever commented before. But this

    "Everyone knows you don't go out with someone your friend currently likes, whether that friend has a chance with their crush or not. It just isn't done."

    THANK YOU! I, too, could identify with this book, because I've been the Claudia in this kind of situation before. :-/

  2. Claudia deserves so much better!

  3. omg i just read this book the other day. lol i agree that stacey should of just dropped jeremy, especially since jeremy was being such a prick to both of them.

    besides i cant stand jeremy rudolph. im glad claudia gets rid of him in book 7 of the friends forever series.

  4. fighting over a guy is a big no-no
    but i root for claudia

  5. Did anyone else love stacey saying that claudia's bad spelling embarrassed her? Brilliant

  6. I loved this book. I think Stacey is right for doing what she did because she likes Jeremy and Jeremy likes her and he doesnt like Claudia and Stacey can't change his opinion

  7. i didnt like Stacey that much in this book i agree Emily Stacey was a real cow in this book. Seriosly i would Not be friends with Stacey after what happenend with Claudia

  8. i think these FF books emphasizes mostly on drama than their sitting jobs i miss the old books :(

  9. Replies
    1. No but with all this drama that happens, their better off in high school

  10. I haven't read this book, but who narrates it, Stace or Claudia