Saturday, June 12, 2010

FF#3 Mary Anne's Big Breakup

Summary was pretty well established in Everything Changes that Mary Anne was having some issues with Logan. Those issues haven't gone away; he's still smothering her, and she's tired of not feeling like a complete person when she's with him. She finally gets up the nerve to end things with him when they're out to dinner one night, and Logan doesn't take it well at all. That upsets Mary Anne, but she holds off on crying until Logan is out of sight.

News of the breakup travels fast, and by the following Monday, everyone at SMS knows. The girls seem pretty sympathetic, but the boys are totally on Logan's side. They ignore Mary Anne, or are really cold to her when she tries to say hi. Kerry and Hunter Bruno are convinced that Mary Anne hates them, hates Logan, and thinks she's too good for everyone. Mary Anne tries to set them straight. Not everyone is totally unhappy about the breakup, though. Both Dave Griffin and Pete Black ask Mary Anne to the upcoming Fall Fling dance, but she turns them both down. She's just not ready to go out with anyone else yet. She's not sure Logan is in the same place, though, especially when she sees him laughing it up with Kristy. Mary Anne is pretty upset at the thought of the two of them ending up together, but she doesn't come right out and ask Kristy at first. Then, Kristy invites her to go pumpkin and apple picking with her family, and the whole story comes out then. Kristy and Logan AREN'T together, and have no intention of dating. That makes Mary Anne feel better.

The night of the dance arrives, and Mary Anne is home alone. She decides to watch a movie, but before she can pick one, Logan calls. He's got the new Robin Williams movie, and he wants to watch it with Mary Anne, just as friends. She agrees, but before the movie ends, Logan starts pushing for them to get back together. They end up having a huge fight, and Logan leaves angry. Mary Anne freaks out, but after talking to both Dawn and Claudia, she realizes that ending things with Logan was best for her. Now, she can start figuring out who she is as an individual.

Rating: 2.5

Thoughts and Things
  • So, Mary Anne and Logan breaking up seemed to affect all of SMS in one way or another. Is that even realistic? Who cares about a couple of 13 year olds ending their relationship...even if they HAD been dating for about 12 years. ;)
  • Stacey, Kristy, Claudia and Mary Anne are about to go to a crafts fair at the end of the book. I really wish we'd gotten a chapter of them actually shopping there. I love stuff like that!
  • I so wish Mary Anne had gotten together with Pete Black by the end of the series. They totally need to get married. :)
  • Jessi was basically written out of the series completely, after her mentions in Everything Changes. Even Abby and Dawn make appearances in some of the FF books, but I don't think Jessi reappears until Graduation Day. I bet she'd accuse the ghostwriters of racism...if she were real, that is. :D
  • If SMS is having a Fall Fling, does that mean they're not having the Halloween Hop?


  1. I distinctly remember finding this at the Half Price Books in Bellevue's Crossroads Mall. I made sure no one in my family was looking, picked it up, and flipped through a few pages, skimming here and there. I hadn't read a BSC book in a few years, and when I read that Mary Anne was REALLY breaking it off with Logan, I put the book down. Guess I just wasn't ready... :)

  2. It's funny...Half Price Books won't BUY used BSC books from people, but they don't seem to have a problem selling them...

  3. This was a while back, when I was in high school (meaning before June 2003), but I do still see BSC books there now and then.

  4. Yeah, Logan and Mary Ann breaking up? So not ready for that. I mean, they've been together for a quarter of a century, why can't they just stick it out?

  5. Most importantly, this is a great Richard Spier book.

  6. i agree with nikki that this is definitely the book where richard shines on this one. out of all the parents, he seems to be the one who really pays attention to how mary anne is like, and he really doesnt seem strict like the bsc portrays him to be, just completly over protective of his father( who isnt protective of their kids?)

    i was so ready for mary anne and logan to break up since book 41. Logan really has become jerky throughtout the whole series.

    besides i want mary anne and cary to be with each other, because i can tell there's chemistry between them in the friends forever series,and i really do think that him and mary anne are perfect for each other.
    but that's just me though.
    still, im hoping those two would hook up, though.

    1. I am so the same way with them. Love Cary and Mary Anne to pieces. So much foreshadowing!

  7. Emily, I sold 10 old BSC books to Half Price Books

  8. Stoneybrook has so many dances

    Fall fling
    Halloween hop
    Remember September
    Spring fling
    Snowflake dance