Monday, August 31, 2009

#23 Dawn on the Coast

Dawn says she'll never
Move back to sunny CA.
Oh, the irony!


It's spring break, and Dawn is headed to California for a visit. She's pretty excited, since she'll be seeing Jeff for the first time since he moved back, and she's missed her little brother. The visit is filled with plenty of fun; the Schafers go to Disneyland, and Sunny Winslow surprises Dawn by introducing her to the We Love Kids Club. It's a more relaxed, "California" version of the BSC, and Dawn is pretty impressed at first. She even gets a job or two with some of her old clients. Between that, the sun, and the beach trips, Dawn starts to seriously think of moving back to California. She feels she fits in better there than in Connecticut, but the decision isn't exactly cut and dry for her. She makes a list of pros and cons, talks to her dad and Sunny, and eventually decides that she belongs in Connecticut after all. At least, for the next 40 books....

Thoughts and Things

  • Foreshadowing alert: Mr. Schafer suggests that Dawn bring all her friends out to CA for a visit. I'm surprised he didn't suggest they buy a lottery ticket to try and earn the money for the trip!
  • LOVE the Feldman/Newton/Perkins sitting chapter. I've always liked those Feldmans, and I wish they'd been in the series more often.
  • Heh...Jeff is stopped at the airport metal detector because he has a knife in his pocket. If that happened today, he'd probably be arrested.
  • Dawn wants to go to Jungleland when she, her dad, and Jeff go to Disneyland. The trouble is that there is no Jungleland, and there wasn't back when this book was written, either. I think AMM probably meant Adventureland.
  • It's funny how certain books lend themselves to short summaries, and some lend themselves to long summaries. This one was a snap.


  1. ik! ive always, well, laughed at the fact that jaeff got away with having a jacknife in his pocket! lol:) and no offense to you, but i really DO NOT LIKE THE FELDMANS. i think they're just disruptive.

  2. helo my nam is sarah and i am 6 yeers old. my mommy readed the babysiters books to me becuse she relly luves them. and she readed them wen she growed up a long time a go in 1800. cuz she always seys stuff abowt the 80s. i am from california and my bestest friends nam is dawn. dawn used to live in cuneticit. my mommy says that this is caled a coinsedinse. i speled it all by myself, but i dont no wat the red dots meen uder the words. heer is a mesege from my mommy and she is laffing behind me reeding this. so heer is the mesege:

    Hi Emily!!

    My daughter Sarah absolutely LOVES the BSC series, just like I did when I was a little girl! By the way, she meant the 1980s, not the 1800s. Thank you so much for your insightful and interesting comments and summaries for this beloved series. This one was rather short, but it is ok. I just want to say that I love reading your "Thoughts and Things" section, as does Sarah.

    Sarah and my mommy (Sarah wrote that)