Sunday, March 28, 2010

#97 Claudia and the World's Cutest Baby


Peaches and Russ are finally going to be parents! The pregnancy was actually mentioned in an earlier book; Peaches and Russ had kept it quiet until month number 6 because they wanted to be sure that nothing was wrong before they told anyone. Everything's gone well, and before anyone knows it, Claudia gets a call at the end of the BSC meeting from Russ, who's just about to take Peaches to the hospital. Claud waits on pins and needles until the rest of the Kishi family gets home, and they immediately turn around and head for the hospital to await the arrival of their cousing/niece.

Any of you that have had kids won't be surprised that the Kishis were at that hospital for awhile. Finally, Russ comes out to see them with good news: the baby has arrived, she's fine, and her name is Lynn (Claudia's middle name). Of course, everyone wants to see Lynn right that second, but Peaches is too tired. They're invited back the following afternoon. Claudia zooms back to the hospital as soon as school's over, and gets to meet her cousin for the very first time. She also gives Peaches the blanket she started to make before the miscarriage, and is asked to be little Lynn's godmother. Claudia is flattered and excited, even though she wonders if she should have been chosen over Janine. Janine is cool with it, though; she knows that Claudia has a special relationship with their aunt and uncle.

When Lynn's big homecoming day arrives, all the Kishis are excited. They're waiting at the house when Russ and Peaches bring their daughter home, and it's a big lovefest. Mrs. Kishi tries to keep the visit short, but Claudia insists on staying longer. She's back at their house bright and early the next morning, and almost every day after school. Claud's full of advice and suggestions, and she's always rushing in and getting things done. Before long, it becomes clear to everyone BUT Claud that Peaches and Russ aren't exactly thrilled to have their niece around all the time. Peaches tries very nicely to explain to Claudia that she and Russ just need time alone with Lynn to get used to being a family, and that Peaches herself might know a thing or two about baby care. Claudia blows her top, though, and storms out of the house.

That weekend, Claudia, Stacey, and Abby take a trip to Philadelphia with their social studies classes. Melissa Banks, a girl in Claud's class, has decided that Claudia is her new best friend. Claudia tries to be polite, but Melissa's constant clinging gets annoying. Then, Melissa suggests a little unsanctioned side trip to the Rodin Museum, and ends up getting the two of them lost. Claudia tells Melissa off, and for most of the rest of the trip, Melissa leaves her alone. She DOES apologize to Claud for being so annoying, and explains that she just thought Claudia and her friends were so cool. Melissa now knows she was trying too hard to fit in with them. This gets Claudia thinking: could she have been as annoying to Peaches and Russ as Melissa was to her? When she gets back, she apologizes to Peaches and promises not to be such a pest in the future.

Also, the Arnold twins scare themselves silly with horror movies, until they see a special on tv about how some of the effects are done. Then, they make their own horror movie.

Rating: 2

Thoughts and Things
  • I can't believe Claudia had the nerve to think she was the injured party in this whole situation. She was such an annoying little know-it-all!
  • At one point, Claudia mentions that Janine is wearing a pin shaped like Bach's profile. She then follows that up by saying "whoever that is." Has she forgotten that she was into Bach herself about 50 or 55 books ago?
  • Apparently, the sitters think that it's weird to put mustard on pretzels. Ummm, we have that at just about every fair and sporting event in my part of the country....I didn't think it was unusual at all.
  • I wish I knew what Russ looked like.


  1. Claudia was just a tad bit obnoxious here. Who is Claudia to be giving parenting advice to Russ and Peaches? Because...she's 13? Because as the BSC VP she's more qualified than Peaches who did just push the kid out?

  2. I think Russ has reddish hair, and since I was convinced he was super attractive (you can just tell he and Peaches are both crazy good looking), I pictured him as the one hot red headed guy I ever knew.

  3. Jan aka girl talkMarch 29, 2010 at 6:30 PM

    I LOVE mustard on pretzels!!

  4. I thought Russ had red hair too, but I can't remember where I read that (if I did)

    That Bach inconsistency bugged me too.

  5. Yeah, I remember something about Russ having red hair, too.

  6. book 78: claudia and crazy peaches
    is the one where claudia mentions russ having red hair.

  7. I cannot believe Claudia acted like she knew more in this book! I baby sit too but I don't think I know more than the parents!