Monday, March 22, 2010

#95 Kristy + Bart + ?

Things are kind of weird with Kristy and Bart. She's always seen them as good friends who just happen to kiss sometimes. Bart, on the other hand, seems to think they're a lot more serious all of a sudden. He's introducing her to people as his girlfriend, and he's always trying to put his arm around her. At a trip to the movies, he actually wants to make out with her during the exciting parts. Kristy's not so into that, but she doesn't really know how to tell him that she would rather just watch the movie rather than kiss. Things come to unfortunate circumstances one night when Kristy is alone, sitting for her siblings. Bart shows up unannounced to watch the Mets game, and while he's there, he and Kristy start making out pretty heavily. Of course, Watson and Elizabeth walk in right in the middle of things, and Kristy is grounded for the weekend. No phone, no tv, no leaving her room except to use the bathroom. She isn't even allowed to help with the sitting charges' world record-breaking attempts which are being held in the Thomas-Brewer backyard.
Kristy is furious over her imprisionment, and blames the whole thing on Bart. When she's finally done being grounded, Kristy calls him, lets him have it, and breaks up with him. Even though she's glad that he's off her back, she feels bad about the way things happened. Kristy is confused enough that she consults Mary Anne about the problem. Mary Anne points out that it sounds like Kristy isn't ready for a boyfriend, and that it's okay. People are ready for stuff like that at different ages. Mary Anne also encourages Kristy to give Bart a call and talk things out with him. It takes her awhile, but she eventually does that. She writes out this whole speech about how she just wants to be friends and doesn't really let Bart get a word in edgewise. The next time they see each other is at the "Record Wreckers" demonstration, and they actually have a chance to talk afterward. Kristy asks Bart about the dance they're supposed to attend at his school that week, and she's surprised when he tells her he asked someone else. He didn't want to go with someone who's just a friend, and when Kristy told him that that was all she wanted, he figured they weren't going. Kristy is surprised and upset, until her friends point out that she never really considered Bart's feelings in all of this. Once again, they talk things out, and agree to try just being friends.
Rating: 0
Thoughts and Things
  • I know that all the make-out stuff in this book is tame compared to what 13 year olds are doing these days, but it was gross and disturbing. I don't need to know what Bart Taylor tastes like, Peter Lerangis!!!
  • Speaking of Lerangis, I really don't want to know where his mind was when he was writing this one. Not only is the kissing stuff very...vivid, but he uses the phrase "gird up my loins" multiple times. That, and the fact that it's implied that the people in the movie that Bart and Kristy see are doing more than kissing, and Abby's reference to Bart and Kristy "doing stuff" at his house makes this one of the most un-BSC books in the whole series. If you stuck different names on the characters and handed me the book, I would have totally believed that it wasn't even part of the series.
  • Kristy actually looks really good on the cover, and the scene that pictured actually happened in the book. Kristy and Bart are walking home from the park, and she looks down at his fingers and thinks they look like bananas. :)


  1. Never read this one, but I've always wanted to.

    It doesn't surprise me that Kristy is pretty on the cover. I've said before that my theory is that Kristy is the prettiest of the babysitters.

  2. do you mind me asking where you found this one? i'm amazed @ how quickly you're getting through these, so i figure you own them all... but i'm hoping you got this one through an ebook community online, bc i've always been dying to read it but no one has ever uploaded it!

  3. I actually remember liking this book as a 10 year old. I guess I thought all of the making out was "grown up". But now that I think about it... definitely bordering on the creepy side!

  4. Anonymous #1 - Yes, I DO own them all (actual copies, not ebooks) but I can't remember exactly where I got this one. Probably in a lot off of Ebay, or from Goodwill.

  5. i'm so jealous, my mom got rid of all of mine (and i'm pretty sure i had close to the entire collection) while i was away @ college. i guess i'll just have to keep an eye out for it. great recaps!

  6. Bananas = phallic symbol? I think they're referred to as "mini-bananas" too...

    0, harsh! :( Anon at 7:06, I always liked it for its "older" qualities as well.

    "I don't need to know what Bart Taylor tastes like"
    Please tweet this to him ;)

    I'm also impressed with how quickly you're recapping!

  7. this book kinda grossed me out. Kristy was not only gross, but she was very immature. Bart was like a rich version of Logan bruno.

    im kinda glad they broke up. Im all for the Kristy/Michel pairing anyways.

    don't forget claudia's bowling outfit too.