Thursday, March 4, 2010

#89 Kristy and the Dirty Diapers


There's a lot going on in Kristy's world. The whole BSC is working more than ever, thanks to Dawn's departure, there are new neighbors (with twins!) moving into the neighborhood, and, last but not least, the Krushers are about to start playing a World Series against (who else?) he Bashers. The first game of the series goes well; the Krushers come from behind to win. After the game, a man comes up to Kristy and introduces himself as Neil Davis of Davis Diapers (a cloth diaper service). He's interested in sponsoring the Krushers, which would mean official uniforms, new equipment, the works. Kristy's a little worried that accepting the sponsorship will make the Krushers too regimented and less fun, but after talking to her family and the BSC, she decides to go for it.

Meanwhile, the Stevenson family has finally arrived in the neighborhood, two houses down from Kristy. Unfortunately, the utilities in the house aren't being turned on until the next day, so Kristy's mom invites Abby, Anna (the twin girls) and their mother to stay at the Brewer-Thomas house for the night. This gives Kristy a chance to get to know the girls a little better. At first, she likes Anna a lot better than Abby. Abby's just a little too loud, and loves to be the center of attention. That means, of course, that Kristy doesn't get to be. Kristy is also unhappy when she witnesses Abby giving some of her Krushers softball lessons, making a big joke out of the fundamentals of the game. Baseball is serious business, after all....

Not long after the twins move in, a big box of uniforms arrive from Davis Diapers. Kristy's a little upset that they don't say "Krushers" anywhere on them, but David Michael and the other Krushers are even more upset by what they DO say: the only decorations are the name of the company and the Davis Diaper logo which is (you guessed it) a diaper. By the time that game number two of the World Series rolls around, mysterious things have started to happen to some of the kids' uniforms (dogs using them as bathrooms, etc). So, not all the kids are in uniforms, which doesn't make Mr. Davis happy when he stops by to check on the game. He's also not happy when the Krushers/Diapers lose the game. Kristy knows she'll need help at the next practice to get the Krushers back in fighting form for the next game, but no one in the BSC is free. Abby Stevenson is, though, and she shows up to lend a hand. Kristy isn't a fan of her methods, but even she has to admit that having Abby there is a bonus.

Game Three of the World Series rolls around, which the Krushers lose. Mr. Davis is there, and he has plenty to say about (and to) the Krushers players. He complains about their technique, and all but calls them losers. Abby tells him off, which kind of shocks Kristy. She then tells Mr. Davis that they no longer need the sponsorship of Davis Diapers, and that they'll be giving the uniforms and equipment back. The Krushers get their team spirit, and go on to win the next two games. That means they're the Krushers/Bashers World Series Champions!

So...all is well at this point with the Krushers, but no so much with the BSC. Kristy had hoped that Shannon would be able to take over full time again, but that's not going to happen. Then, Kristy gets one of her patented ideas: why not ask Abby and Anna to join as co-alternate officers? They're both good with kids. Kristy asks them to come to a meeting with her, but when she extends the offer, only Abby accepts. Anna is a serious musician (she plays the violin), and doesn't have the time to be in the BSC and give her music all the attention she wants to. The BSC is back to full strength!

Rating: 2.5

Thoughts and Things
  • In this book, Kristy is the one who assures everyone else that Abby's asthma won't interfere with her being a sitter, but in the next book, Kristy is the one who freaks out the most when Abby has an attack on the job.
  • I don't blame the kids for not wanting to wear diaper uniforms.
  • Abby and Anna are supposed to be 5'7". Really? At 12?
  • Of COURSE Mrs. Porter aka Morbidda Destiny would have a granddaughter named Drusilla. No Janes or Jennifers in that family...


  1. I never liked this book much. Not sure why. I know it was mainly a vehicle to introduce Abby, but it seemed kind of clunky, like the whole Abby plotline could've just been covered in her first book. Then again, I'm not much of a sports person, so I didn't enjoy most of the sports themed books.

    Also, I was five seven when I was in the seventh grade. I wasn't the only girl in my class who was that tall, either, although there weren't many of us. Most of us stopped growing earlier than everyone else, so it all evened out (well, we all stopped growing at normal heights, at least. I'm five nine, and the rest of my fellow tall girls from middle school topped out between five eight and five eleven).

  2. Being tall early on isn't so odd for girls. Girls tend to grow early on and a lot of girls stop growing after menstruation starts (though Ann M's girls don't really menstruate at who knows?).

  3. I'm still waiting to hit five seven. Hell, I'm still waiting to hit Five Two.

    I wonder if Morbidda Destiny ever met Drucilla's ex,Spike.

  4. The thing I remember most from this book is Druscilla. I always imagined her as being slightly creepy for some reason.

  5. Replies
    1. I was 5'10 at around 11 years old but that's because I have an overgrowth disorder (Not acromegaly but quite similar)

  6. ha ha
    i fucking loved drusicilla from the little sister books because her wearing those black outfits with that long thick hair is kinda cute for a 7 year old

    also, i really like the way she fucks with karen's head sometimes when karen wont shut up about her grandmother being a witch.

    poor drusicilla though, i feel sorry for her the most.

    divorce sucks.

  7. um, why is the NEXT one the one that's named welcome to the bsc?oh, and no offense to kristy, but really, if they're being SPONSORED,what did they think would be on the uniforms?

  8. Hehe, yeah, I too was 5'7" at 12... I'm now 5'11" so I evened out okay. :)

  9. I wish Anna had at least become an associate member

    1. That would have been good, Anna could have suggested setting up a kids orchestra (something like The Big Noise but more kid based)