Monday, October 12, 2009

#38 Kristy's Mystery Admirer

Kristy's getting love
Notes! Too bad they're from Bart;
She dumps him later on.


Kristy gets home from a BSC meeting one day to find multiple phone messages from Shannon Kilbourne waiting for her. A note for Kristy was delivered to the Kilbourne's mailbox, and since the envelope is decorated with hearts and flowers, Shannon is convinced that it's a love note. She brings the note to Kristy after dinner that night, and what do you know? It is a love note. Shannon suspects Bart Taylor right away, but Kristy thinks it's her brother, Sam, playing one of his jokes. Several more notes arrive over the next few days, and Kristy even brings them to school to share with the BSC members. They aren't the only ones who are interested, though; Cokie, Grace, and their two cronies who we never hear about again are also paying very close attention to what's going on...

That afternoon, another note arrives. This one's a little different, and the warning message it contains is far creepier than the sappy stuff that made up the first few. More disturbing notes follow that one, including one that goes like this:

Violets are blue,
Blood is red,
I'll remember you when you are dead.

Pretty creepy! Kristy is now convinced that Bart might just be the one sending the notes, because he's a psycho masquerading as a normal teenage boy. Either that or it some random psycho who's out to kidnap her for ransom money. Shannon isn't buying that theory; she thinks that Bart is sending the notes to psych Kristy out so she won't be able to coach the Krushers to a win in he upcoming World Series game with the Bashers. Both of them give Bart the silent treatment for days, until he finally shows up at Kristy's house wanting to know what's up. She confronts him, and while he admits he did write the first notes (the sappy ones), he denies kowing anything about the second set. He's also (understandably) mad that Kristy would think he'd sabotage her or her team just to win a baseball game.

The mystery of who sent the scary notes isn't solved until the day of the Krushers/Bashers World Series. Cokie and her friends show up at the game, making Kristy suspicious (they hate baseball...they hate the BSC...why would they come?). She's even more suspicious when Cokie tries to start a conversation with her. Then, Cokie uses a phrase from one of the notes, giving herself away. The Krushers win the World Series, Kristy and Bart are (kind of) together, and they even go to the Halloween lobsters. :)

Rating: 3

Thoughts and Things

  • Is it me, or are some of Bart's love notes just as creepy as the scary ones that Cokie sent???

  • So, once again, Cokie gave herself away by using a phrase from one of her threatening notes. She did the same thing in #17 when she called Mary Anne's mustard seed necklace a "bad luck charm." This must be why the whole book felt really repetitive.

  • This book is the most we've seen of Shannon since #11. I thought she played a bigger role in the series than that. Maybe I'm just thinking of the later books when she becomes the alternate officer for awhile.

  • Kristy hides her notes in a copy of The Cat Ate my Gymsuit; a definite shout out to AMM's friend, Paula Danziger.

  • The lobster costumes are pretty freaking awesome, but how did they drink punch with the claw mittens over their hands? Did they take them off?

  • Speaking of costumes, I kind of miss dressing up for Halloween. I haven't had a reason to in years....

  • Shannon's uniform on the cover is ugly.

  • I've never been one to jump on the "Kristy is a lesbian bandwagon," but in this book, Shannon tells her to come out of the closet and Kristy refuses. Yes, Shannon meant it literally (Kristy was trying to have private phone conversation from inside a closet), but it still made me giggle. That, and Kristy thinking the notes were sent by a girl. :)


  1. I think she does have a bigger role later on. I remember there's even a book where Kristy doesn't have time to hang out with Shannon but the other girls do, and then Kristy gets kind of bitchy at Shannon for hanging out with the other BSC girls so much. I think it's a Jessi book but I'm not sure which one.

    I always liked this book. I remember we had it in my house when we first moved in, and I read it when I got into BSC. It always made me think of Halloween and made me feel all creepy--in a good way. I think other than Dawn and the Halloween Mystery it was my fave Halloween BSC book.

  2. Sorry to post twice--that other book I was referring to was Jessi and the Awful Secret. Which was one of the few very special books I liked because talking about anorexia felt vaguely sleazy and grown up. (I LIVED for the BSC books about stuff like eating disorders or drinking or hanging out with boys when you weren't supposed to be--though those were always pretty lame when you actually read them.)

  3. You're right, Sadako!

  4. Who is Cokie Gray? Is itna mistake or Cokie and Alans kid??

    1. Cokie Mason was the main antagonist. Alan Gray was noted to be a trouble-maker.

    2. Cokie Mason was the main antagonist. Alan Gray was noted to be a trouble-maker.