Sunday, October 11, 2009

#37 Dawn and the Older Boy

Travis - judging by
This picture, I'd say you aren't
Sixteen; you're thirty!


The morning after a BSC sleepover at Kristy's, Dawn wakes up to find "the cutest guy in the whole world" (as she puts it) in the Thomas/Brewer kitchen. Charlie introduces him as Travis, and Dawn is smitten. None of the girls are particularly thrilled to have a hot guy see them first thing in the morning, especially since they went to sleep the night before with their makeup on (I could never do that...). They hightail it back upstairs for some quick primping, and when they come back down later, Dawn is happy to see that Travis is still there. She sits herself next to him, and they bond over California (Travis is from there, too). He also tells her that she should always wear blue, since it brings out her eyes. The making over of Dawn has officially begun...

Later that day, Dawn asks Mary Anne if she believes in love at first sight. Mary Anne does (she uses her father and Dawn's mother as an example), but once she figures out that Dawn is talking about herself and Travis, she tries to talk Dawn out of falling for him. Needless to say, Dawn doesn't take her advice, and spends the next week or so obsessing over Travis. That Saturday, Wonder Boy actually shows up at her house. They sit on the porch to talk (no boys in the house when the parents aren't home) and it becomes abundantly clear that Travis is an ass. All he can do is talk about himself; he interrupts Dawn, brags incessantly, and won't shut up about his stupid car. Does Dawn pick up on any of this? Of course not. According to her, he brags because he's talented and interesting, and he wants her to change because he likes her. Plus, he brought her a necklace and some hair combs. Yep, must be love.

The following week, Travis shows up at SMS just as school lets out. He asks Dawn to go shopping downtown with him (he needs to get his dad a birthday present), and she jumps at the chance. After shopping, he takes her to Burger Bite for a snack. Dawn is a little apprehensive about going to a place like that, especially when Travis ORDERS FOR HER. Luckily, he gets them both grilled cheese. Once again, Travis talks incessantly about himself and all of his ever-so-amazing accomplishments, and Dawn still doesn't get what a jerk he is. After eating, they walk around downtown and end up at the Merry-Go-Round. Travis buys Dawn a pair of butterfly earrings, and tries to convince her to get another hole punched in each ear so she can wear them. Dawn finally grows a backbone, though, and says no.

When Dawn gets home, she finds her mom and Richard waiting for her. Mary Anne spilled the beans about where Dawn had been all afternoon, and they're not happy. They don't like the fact that Travis is so much older than her, and that he's buying her all these presents even though he barely knows her. Dawn manages to escape the conversation once the adults start arguing about whether or not she should be allowed to see him again, and nothing is really settled that day.

Later that week, Kristy mentions that Travis has been seeing the captain of the SHS swim team. Dawn is devastated, and decides she has to know the truth. She waits for Travis outside SMS a few days later. Sure enough, he leaves school with a pretty redhead and they head downtown. Dawn then ends up witnessing a carbon copy of her own date with Travis: first, he orders for the redhead at Burger Bite and then takes her to the Merry-Go-Round, although they don't buy anything. Dawn even sees them kissing, much to her dismay. She's still upset when the next BSC meeting rolls around, and when the conversation turns to Travis, she threatens to leave. The other BSC members are completely kerflummoxed; they have no idea what's been going on with Dawn and Travis, so she confesses. Dawn wants Travis to know that she's onto him, so she follows him and his girlfriend (Sara) after school one day. When Dawn confronts them, Sara seems to be totally aware of what had happened between Dawn and Travis. After telling them that she was already a beauty before Travis got ahold of her, she goes home. Later, she calls Travis and bascially lets him have it, and the BSC members are proud of her for standing up for herself.
In subplot news, James Hobart has written a play that his brothers, the Perkins girls, and Chewy are all starring in. His neighborhood friend, Zach (remember him from #32?) tries to convince James that he needs to stop hanging out with girls, doing "baby stuff," and turn himself into Zach's idea of what an American boy should be. In the end, though, James sticks with the play and it's a big hit. Also, Lewis (Logan's cousin) and Dawn start writing to each other, setting up book #50.

Rating: 2

Thoughts and Things

  • Ugh...where do I start on Travis? He's just awful, and Dawn doesn't seem like the type to overlook stuff like that. Her individuality always seems to take a backseat when a boy is involved, though.

  • I'm not a feminist or anything, but I hate how Dawn lets Travis control her. The ordering for her at Burger Bite especially bugs me. I hate it when Logan orders for Mary Anne later in the series, too.

  • I just hate the whole message of this book; that's why it got a 2. I used to really like this book when I was younger, though, mostly because it involved boyfriend stuff. :D

  • I always want a grilled cheese sandwich after reading about the Burger Bite trip!


  1. I always want a grilled cheese, too! And I always want a BK whopper after reading Jessi and the Awful Secret.

    And in any book about candy bars/junk food (aka meetings), I want a Milky Way!

    Weird the food associations we make.

  2. Oh, I know. Also, I hear you about wanting BK while reading "Awful Secret." Kind of ironic that the anorexia book makes us want to eat...

  3. Can we also pleeeeease discuss how he told Dawn to CUT HER HAIR? And then she told Mary Anne "get the scissors" but the hair cutting was NEVER discussed again in the book, or thereafter. Well, Ann M.? Did she cut it or not? Some of kids were on the edge of our seats!

  4. Emily -

    I hope you believe that everyone should have the right to make their own decisions about their lives - like what they order at a restaurant, or what career they want to have, or how many body piercings they get!

    On that note, I sincerely hope that you are a feminist, and I wish that you (and so many people in our world!) weren't so ashamed to say it!

    Feminism isn't about hating men or refusing to shave our legs. Feminism is believing that it's wrong for women and men to be judged and discriminated against on the basis of their gender. Feminism is about believing that all people are entitled to make decisions about their own life - no one should be telling you that you should be doing anything just because of your sex.

    I apologize for the PSA-quality of this comment, but your "I'm not a feminist of anything, but..." was honestly a bit ignorant and I sincerely hope you won't jump so quickly to judge feminism in the future if you know a bit more about it!

    And additionally, your blog is wonderful. I've very much enjoyed reliving my childhood by reading your summaries!

    ~ Steph

  5. Am I the only one who thinks that Travis isnt some controlling jerk but hes just gay and Dawn is his shopping buddy. I mean he bought her earrings and told her what looked good on her and stuff. That isnt something straight guys do

    1. Thank you. I thought the same thing when I read it

    2. So just because he likes fashion stuff he is gay? Really?

  6. What's wrong with being a feminist?