Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#107 Mind Your Own Business, Kristy!

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It's spring break, and things start off pretty well for Kristy. She wins four tickets to a Blade concert in Stamford, and the Krushers are going to be holding a spring Klinic (Kristy's spelling, not mine) to get ready for the season. Charlie, who just broke up with his girlfriend and doesn't have any plans for spring break, is going to help Kristy coach. At first, Kristy is excited that her big brother is willing to donate his time to help the Krushers. It doesn't exactly work out the way she wanted it to, though. The kids LOVE Charlie, and they listen to him better than they've ever listened to Kristy. She feels left out, and gets kind of jealous. Then, Angelica arrives on the scene. She's sitting for Timmy and Scott Hsu during vacation, and it's love at first sight for her and Charlie. Kristy doesn't like her much, though. In fact, she decides that Charlie should reunite with his old girlfriend, Sarah. Kristy asks each of them to lunch one day at the Argo, and plans to leave the two of them alone to talk. It doesn't work; instead of a happy reunion, both Charlie and Sarah get mad at her.

The Klinic continues, and Charlie's relationship with Angelica heats up. They start showing up late to practices, and when they do arrive, they're so wrapped up in each other that Charlie isn't much help anymore. Then, the day of the Blade concert arrives. Kristy decided to bring Claudia, and (much to her dismay), Charlie's bringing Angelica. He borrows Watson's car, which he isn't used to driving. Angelica gets kind of sick of all the sudden stops and jerks of the car, so she offers to drive. Kristy knows it's a bad idea (after all, it's Watson's car, not Charlie's), but the switch in drivers is made. Angelica handles the car better than Charlie did, but she drives way too fast. A cop pulls them over, and before they've even had a chance to stop the car, Angelica frantically asks Charlie to switch places with her because she DOESN'T HAVE HER LICENSE. Keep in mind, the car is still moving at this point, but luckily, it stops. Unluckily, it stops because it hits a guardrail. Everyone is okay, but the Stamford police take them all down to the station to wait for their parents. Angelica and Charlie both get fines, and Watson's car is wrecked.

Things are pretty much over at this point between Charlie and Angelica. Her parents actually thought he was a bad influence on her, and won't let her see him again. Whatever. At least the Krushers' Klinic is going well. In fact, they're supposed to get a visit from Jack Brewster, former Mets player. Charlie supposedly has some connection to him that he won't elaborate on, so Kristy is pretty skeptical that Jack will even show up. He does; as it turns out, Jack is distantly related to Sarah Green, Charlie's old girlfriend. They both show up for the last day of Klinic, and it looks like Charlie and Sarah might be on their way to a reunion after all.

Rating: 1.5

Thoughts and Things

  • This book was kind of brutal to get through. I don't remember it being so bad before.
  • It's a little weird how obsessed Kristy was about Charlie's love life.
  • Angelica really was kind of a twit.
  • I'm getting a little tired of the very Lerangisy Lerangis books. I feel like the majority of the books I've read lately have fit into that category. I need a Suzanne Weyn book to balance things out!


  1. weird. for some reason i remember the book and i know i read it but i dont remember the car wreck part lol

  2. good post; i haven't read this book and it sounds kinda creepy that krsty is so obsessed with charlie's lovelife..

  3. Why the heck is this book called Mind Your Own Business, Kristy?

  4. Doesn't angela look like laine on the stacey's ex-best friend cover?

  5. i never read it but i think i will read it sounds great

  6. Kristy has serious control issues- she has to control everyone around her, and it is very creepy that she feels the need to control her brothers love life!

  7. if you look at my blog adventures with brooke you get luck for one year

  8. I understand she didn't like Charlie's girlfriend but seriously since when was Kristy interested in this stuff?

  9. everytime i read angelica in this post, i thought of angelica schuyler