Friday, November 27, 2009

Logan's Story


Dawn has a family emergency and has to go out of town, so the BSC members ask Logan to take her place as a regular member for a few weeks. He agrees, but has his doubts. After all, Logan's on the football team, and is getting ready to try out for the track team. He needs as much time as possible to practice!

Logan's first sitting job as a regular member (with the Hobarts) causes him to miss a football practice. Some of the other guys from the team ride by on their bikes just as Logan and the boys are in the middle of a game of "camping," and they make fun of him. Logan tries to play it off as if he just took the job to help his friends in the BSC, but that doesn't stop the teasing. Things get even worse from there. When Logan is at the school track one day, practicing for tryouts, Mary Anne brings the Prezzioso girls by to watch. Jenny makes noise and distracts the guys as they're running, and even tries to join them on the track, causing them to fall over. Mary Anne takes the girls home after that, and once again, Logan is not a happy camper.

The next time that Logan sits for the Hobarts, he takes them to the track to run off some steam. He's pretty sure the track will be empty, and it first. It isn't too long before some of the guys who are going to be trying out for the team with Logan show up to practice, and tease him again for hanging out with little kids. Logan's next football practice features even more teasing, and he's definitely not at the top of his game. That's when he realizes that he needs to make a choice: sports or the Baby Sitters Club. Losing one of the Hobart boys (temporarily) at the Stoneybrook Health Fair, and having little Johnny found by Clarence King (Logan's main tormentor) finalizes his decision: Logan is done with the BSC. At least, he's done for a couple of chapters; he ends up rejoining as and associate member near the end of the book. He's also one of the few that makes the track team.

Rating: 2

Thoughts and Things
  • Why is it that Logan, King, and the two Hobart boys all have the same color hair on the cover? Logan isn't supposed to be a redhead. Also, will someone please give the older Hobart a shirt that isn't a pink turtleneck?
  • I'm really confused as to when this book is supposed to take place. Logan's still playing football, which is usually a fall sport, but he's trying out for track, which usually happens in the spring. After tryouts, before the coach announces who made the team, he encourages everyone who didn't make it to try out again in the spring. The way it's written makes it sound like it isn't spring at that point, but this book comes in between a late spring book and a summer book. I'm thinking about this too much....
  • Lerangis did a decent job of writing as a boy, but I think he almost does a better job of writing as a girl. Should I be disturbed by that?
  • The Health Fair sounds really, really boring.
  • Logan describes Claudia's way of dressing as "hip" and "sexy." Really???


  1. I hate this one. I snarked it on BSC Snark on LiveJournal. There's so much ridiculous about this book. How about the cover with "Health Fair" in quotes. What's up with the quotes? Also, where's Dawn? In California for TWO WEEKS because Jeff had an appendectomy. Yes, Sharon let Dawn miss two weeks of school for that. Also, Logan gives in to Mary Anne's passive-aggressive bullshit way too much in this one.

  2. Nikki OMG I thought the same thing about Dawn- why would her mom let Dawn miss school for 2 weeks b/c of an appendectomy? When I had my appendix out I was only out of work for like 5 days!!!

  3. I don't get why Dawn had to go, too. You'd think Sharon could go and Dawn would stay with Richard and MA in Stoneybrook. I mean, it's an appendectomy. Not like Jeff ate Twinkies or something serious.

    My personal favorite was Logan Bruno: Boy Babysitter, when Logan falls in with a Bad Crowd who shoplifts.

  4. OK, i know logan and ma r back 2gether, but i mean, come on! They just aren't meant for each other at all with the way that they act toward other people!ex: logan saying that claudia dresses sexy, and MA spending so much time w/ toby in the other book(couldn't remember the name)
    Plus, i know that you said in one of your other posts that you could argue that ss and mysteries and stuff take place in an alternate stoneybrook, and i b-live tht up to a point. even though it refrences other things, i think the seasons are kind of irrelevant to amm and the ghosties.